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* 2007/8/10 Safe information

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Renewal of June 24, 2010

Vietnam safe information

In present and Vietnam
Bird influenza
Much people killed in (Bird Flu) are checked.

In an Asian area, it is the country with many victims which ranks second to Indonesia. By all means, please take a safe trip with the healthy body.
When [ condition is not excellent in in ] a slight fever calls it ... just for a moment,
also regard postponing a travel as all right.

Moreover, it was infected with dengue fever and malaria.
The case to say is also reported.

The passengers for the purpose of sightseeing
Those who are residing,
Although it is Vietnam said to be safe for a Japanese
Danger lurks in the place to reach.
In order to avoid from danger in advance

Bird influenza related information

The report that the H5N1 type virus of bird influenza was detected was carried out from the bird which died from Ninh binh in May, 2007 this year.
Seemingly about 250 feather died of an illness among アヒル of about 2000 birds, and they are 1200 birds.

Doubt of infection after bird in full and a vaccination

2007/05/28 Renewal of 17:35 JST

A veterinarian office is [ the domestic fowls which died from northern part Ninh binhon the 27th ] with the H5N1 type virus of bird influenza.
It was checked that it was infected. They are 1200 birds although about 250 feather died of an illness among ducks of about 2000 birds.
It is said that the vaccine was inoculated. The sample of ducks which is not inoculated [ finishing / a vaccination / in a veterinarian office ]
It extracts and inspects succeedingly. It is now that generating of bird in full was checked.
It became a nine-ministry city.

Now, many infection persons are found also in vinh province, Thanh Hoa Province, and Ninh binh Province. Be careful.

The bird influenza newest information

Bird influenza is prevalent too in Vietnam. Although it refrains from the government announcement, medical organization news flash has gone up [ the example of infection ] every day.

Therefore, it is as preventive measures.

1. A "mask is worn at" the time of going out.
2. "Gargling and a restroom are briskly enforced strictly."
3. "if possible, a market etc. does not approach the place where there are many people at and they treat a raw thing"
4. "the dead bird or dead domestic fowls, livestock, and an animal are not touched empty-handed. When it touches, a restroom is immediately enforced strictly."
5. -- saying that that along which fire surely passed is eaten in case "egg and a chicken are eaten, or not making it a mouth if possible -- the best -- it is then -- "

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